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Get to know

Alrik Fallet

Tyler Walkey

The Sweets Artist

Yusaku Shibata is a patissier who, moved by the exceptionality of Kito Yuzu, moved to Tokushima and joined Mr. Fujita's company. He and his team just won the biggest and most prestigious patissiers competition, the Coupe du Monde 2023. Some of their creations were made with. Kito Yuzu!

Kito Yuzu

Here's all you need to know about Kito Yuzu. and 'Ogon', the company that grows and manufactures Yuzu products in Kito. 

Mirai Convenience store

Winner of 11 international deign awards, Kito's convenience store gets visitors from all over Japan. Here's why:

Tsurugi Super Rindo

Tsurugi san (Mt Tsurugi) is the second highest mountain on the island of Shikoku, and home to the longest off road mountain trail in Japan, known as 'Tsurugi Super Rindo'. It starts in Kito!

Mirai Conbini 1 year later

For the event on their 1 year anniversary, we went back to Mirai conbini to interview customers and staff. Here's how the store has changed the lives of the villagers:

Tafu-Ori Weaving

Tafu is one of the most ancient ways of making clothes in Japan, and Kito is the only place in the whole country where the tradition is kept alive every year. Find out the process here:

A look into Naka prefcture.

Discover more about the Naka area, where Kito is located. 

Camp Park Kito

A unique blend of modern confort and nature in one of the inhabited mountains in Kito, Camp Park stands along the bank of the Minagawa river . The drive there is an adventure in an on itself!

Kito Epic

Kito is a town with only 1,000 habitants. And yet, there's a lot happening. We made this video to share with you the beauty of the four seasons Kito offers. 

Kito Stories - Yuko Hattori

A look into the life of Hattori san, a young agricultural studies graduate who lives and works in Kito.

Shikoku Island Bear

Kito is also home to a conservation organisation that uses the village as a base for fieldwork, and collaborates with KITO Design Holdings and other local stakeholders in order to protect a very special animal. Around 20 Asian black bears live in the surrounding mountains.

'Next Chapter' Guesthouse

Welcome to the Next Chapter project! We are here in the small town Kito, surrounded by sparkling rivers, mysterious mountains and the slow pulse of countryside life. What better place to create a guest house in the spirit of stories?

Kito Stories - Yui Yamoto

For our first video in the Kito Stories series, we talked to the wonderful Yui Yamoto. Here in Kito, the Mirai Convenience store has just celebrated their one year anniversary. Together with the local community and some excellent coworkers, Yui has played a key role in making Mirai Combini the place it is today. 

Kito Junos

Another sister company, Kito Junos develops products such as aromatic oils, room mists, and other cosmetics using the natural oil which is extracted from the skin of the Yuzu using through a distillation method at the factory in Kito.

Visit Kito

Enjoy some more of Alrik's music and Tyler's cinematography in this short video about what's going on in Kito.

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