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Julia is from Spain, and Tyler is from the US. This is the first of a series of videos, telling the story of the unique "coincidences" that led us to find each other and decide to purchase a sailboat in California despite living in Japan - and all the adventures it has entailed.

We finally make it to the U.S. to begin our next chapter together. We were quite overwhelmed by everything that still lay ahead. We found what we need to keep pushing forward, making our first step towards our goal of sailing our boat from my birthplace to our home, here in Japan.

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In episode 3, we share what we learned in our search for the perfect boat to sail across the pacific to our home in Japan, and how it pointed in the right direction. Our budget was under 30K USD.

Find out in this episode why we are called 'Sailing Ramona, and come see with us the sailboat that stole our hearts. 

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Where we interview/get interviewed by fellow sailors

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